Oussama Danba

Senior Cryptography Firmware Engineer - PQShield

I've been at PQShield since October 2019 as a Senior Cryptography Firmware Engineer. My primary focus at this moment is Post-Quantum Cryptography on embedded systems and custom hardware. My interests primarily lie within practical aspects of cryptography but I am open to other aspects of cryptography. Here's a recent version of my CV.

I've obtained my Master's degree from the Radboud University. My Master consisted almost exclusively of cryptography courses with some software science electives. For my thesis I worked on the AVX2 implementation of NTRU which was a finalist for the NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization effort.

Previous work

Below is a brief list of work I have done in the past. Some of this work is done as part of a team while other work was done on my own.
  • Kyber, Dilithium, Saber, and NTRU embedded implementations in C making use of hardware accelerators designed and developed at PQShield. Data-independent execution and side-channel countermeasures along with meeting customer performance and memory requirements.
  • Work on Post-Quantum Secure Element known as PQSoC. Mostly in the form of instruction set extensions and accompanying hardware circuitry.
  • Implementation, verification, and optimization of Post-Quantum algorithms on PQSoC.
  • Side-Channel attacks and countermeasures along with configurating oscilloscopes, target boards, and building the physical setups. Additionally, creation of software tooling to interact with the setups for automation purposes.
  • Proof of Concept Post-Quantum support in IPsec VPNs. The open source part of this work can be found at PQShield's GitHub.